HHS Secretary Azar slams Dr. Bright who comes out looking like a liar


The Hill reported that “Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is sharply countering remarks from ousted federal vaccine official Rick Bright about the coronavirus response. He asserted his allegations “do not hold water.”

“‘Everything he is complaining about was achieved. Everything he talked about was done,’ Azar, flanked by President Trump, told reporters on the White House lawn on Thursday before departing for a trip to a medical equipment distributor in Pennsylvania.”

It appears that Bright is a liar and a pot-stirrer of the left. He is one of Obama’s embeds buried into the bowels of the executive agencies.

Bright was demoted to a narrower position at the National Institutes of Health from a broad position at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority in April.

He suggested that his pushback on Hydroxychloroquine was the reason he lost his post. However, this was in the works long before.

Azar suggested Thursday that Bright himself had endorsed the treatment, casting doubt on his allegations.

“Dr. Bright literally signed the application for FDA authorization of it. Literally, he is the sponsor of it,” Azar said. “His allegations do not hold water. They do not hold water.”

Bright looks like a lying trouble maker, but that’s an impression.


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