Hillary’s ‘Soak the Colleges’ Speaking Fee Goes From $300K to $25K


It’s almost a year-and-a-half since Hillary Clinton lost the election and she is still describing it as “traumatic”. She received $25,000 from Rutgers to regurgitate all the reasons she lost the election. Let us all remember when she wouldn’t accept less than $300K which was the “special university rate”. Hillary also had to have a jet, time limits, she controlled all advertising and taping, and the colleges best not forget her crudité.

The former presidential candidate spoke about being targeted because she is a woman. She bashed the “wealthy patrons” of the Republican party and the NRA. They will dry up peoples’ money, she said, because they fund candidates. Actually, that’s what Bloomberg and Soros do by pouring millions into small races to change the character of America.

Hillary condemned the “shrill” by the media. She denigrated Conservatives who she laughably calls hard-right and lashed out at her opponent’s “finger waving”.

Her Fee for Speeches Appear to Be Going Down

The woman who was getting a quarter of a million dollars plus per speech only received $25,000 for this one. She said she agreed to do it as part of an endowment [which she can take off as a charitable donation we imagine].

She received $7,000 less than Snooki.

Prior to her downfall, she would never have accepted a fee like that.

Perhaps she has found her soul or perhaps people are tired of her constant whining about why she lost and won’t pay more. Then there is the fact that she can’t stay upright for long and is an insurance liability.

Usually, She Soaks the Colleges

Remember when she received $300,000 to speak at colleges? She got $675,000 for three Goldman Sachs speeches but charged the University of California at LA $300,000. They asked if universities get a discount and the answer from Clinton’s representatives was that $300,000 is the “special university rate.”

The Washington Post secured the information about the UCLA speech through a FOIA request.

The documents show that Clinton’s representatives at the Harry Walker Agency micromanaged the smallest details — from requesting lemon wedges and water on stage to a computer, scanner, and a spread of hummus and crudité in the green room backstage, the Post reported.

Hillary has or has had air-tight contracts that prevent people from in any way recording or preserving her speeches but the occasional hidden recording has surfaced.

The university officials did some hand-wringing over the armchairs and pillows Hillary would sit on during the Q & A. Hillary must have a lavalier, a teleprompter and 2-3 downstage scrolling monitors. Even her podium had to be exactly right.

The Las Vegas Review Journal obtained her contract for a speech at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2014.

According to her standard speaking contract, Clinton remains at each event no longer than 90 minutes; poses for no more than 50 photos with no more than 100 people; and won’t allow any press coverage or video- or audio-taping of her speech.

She insists on staying in the “presidential suite” of luxury hotels that she chooses anywhere in the world, including Las Vegas.

She usually requires those who pay her six-figure fees for speeches to also provide a private jet for transportation — only a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 or larger will do, the Journal reported.

And she doesn’t travel alone. Travel aides accompany her and advance staffers arrive before the speech.

The university foundation was prohibited from advertising the event on radio, TV or billboards. Mail and website ads are allowed, although Clinton staffers must approve in writing any promotional material. One unhappy UNLV Foundation official in an email complained of “meddling” after Clinton’s agency edited a description of the annual dinner to “dumb it down.”

Clinton demands approval of all website material before it hits the Internet.

The only record allowed was made by a stenographer whose transcription was only given to Clinton. The stenographer’s $1,250 bill, however, went to the UNLV Foundation.

In a  town hall with Anderson Cooper, Hillary was asked if she had to charge $675,000 for three speeches, referring to the Goldman Sacks speeches and she said, “eh, Well, I don’t know, that’s what they offered.”

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