#HimToo Bill Clinton Plays the Victim Card As Outraged Victims Speak Out


Two women who say they were raped by Bill Clinton were not impressed with his most recent interview on NBC News.

Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey were “outraged” over Clinton’s response to questions about former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, and whether he had ever apologized to her.

Anyone remember Bill’s 12 year affair with Gennifer Flowers? He appointed her to a job to an administrative job to keep her silent. Someone had already been appointed to the position — a black woman. The women Charlotte Perry sued before the State Civil Service Grievance Commission and won. Bill’s political appointee, a guy named Barnes, overruled the commission [Oct. 9 1991] and gave the job to Flowers. After a couple months, Flowers was fired.

Sexual harassment also means favoring someone to keep a sexual relation going. He hurt Ms. Perry because of sexual harrassment.

Clinton went on to deny the affair even after Flowers presented tapes.

Bill Clinton also destroyed Monical Lewinsky. She couldn’t get a job for decades and attempted suicide.

Clinton has apologized to Lewinsky and her family publicly, but not privately.

At the time of the exposé, Clinton called Lewinsky a liar and said he “never had sex with that woman.” Unfortunately for him, she had preserved a dress with his semen on it.

Hillary immediately launched an attack on Lewinsky and all the women who came out and said Bill assaulted them. Two said he raped them and there was another alleged rape accusation in England when he was there on a Rhodes Scholarship that is unconfirmed by the victim.

Hillary’s disinformation campaign attacking the women was labelled the “Bimbo Eruption”.

Democrats never address this but they do push the paid and far-left women who claim Trump touched them or said inappropriate things.

Bill’s Angry Response to the Question:

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