Historian Warns We Are Returning to a Pre-Civilization Era — RESIST!


Historian Victor Davis Hanson spoke about the importance of borders and his new book on the John Bachman show this morning. We have an audio clip below. He warned that we are losing citizenship and are returning to a pre-civilization state.

He began by briefly explaining why the border is necessary for our middle class to thrive. Without a border, our customs, values, traditions, are lost and we become tribal, he said.


We are heading for a pre-civilization era with Critical Race Theory telling us to judge people on how they look, he said. At the same time, the middle class is shrinking. A lot of his comments were in response to the large crowd at a Trump rally in Iowa this weekend. Mr. Hanson was explaining why that is.

Middle-class people are showing up at Trump rallies because they are upset and angry. They feel they are under attack, and they are, he explained.

These people want to know why two million people can break the law with impunity but citizens cannot. Understandably, they want to know why a soldier with natural immunity is given a waiver but illegals don’t need one!

It is becoming clear that there is no advantage to being a citizen. People coming illegally are getting the same benefits from our tax dollars.

Americans know they are being lied to and playing by the rules only applies to them, not the elites or the illegal aliens. People playing by all the rules in foreign countries can’t get citizenship. Immigrants who came here legally can’t understand why this is happening.

Americans see it as a top-down mandate from elites who are never subject to the consequences of their own rules.

President Trump is our best hope or our only hope. Legal immigrants are saying if we lose the US, where do we go?

We’re losing citizenship. We must not listen to these bankrupt elites and globalists, he concluded. RESIST!


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Back To The Primitive
Back To The Primitive
2 years ago

A new Dark Ages is a feature and not a bug to the venal spiteful Long March faculty lounge fellow traveler freaks.
They hate this country and everything about it, plan accordingly.

2 years ago

We are going through a Civilized Silent Rebellion in America. Communist Democrat Loser Liberals can ignore it at their peril. Take a good look at the store shelves and how much you are paying for everything under Democrat Rule.

Traitor Joe and much of the Political Machine in the Beltway are criminals. If you want to see things return to normal, it will take more than doing away with Covid Mandates. It will take putting criminals in Jail; especially the politicians. Two-Tiered Justice in America must end or American Society will continue to crumble. I’ve worked most of my life in Government, Trust me, the Appearance of Corporation, is Corruption but the “System” protects itself. That means you have to vote for people with integrity and not people who go into Government to steal for their friends and family. People in Government don’t Steal, or as they say bring home the bacon, for you! It’s their Friends who get multi-million dollar Government Contracts.

2 years ago

Rallies are great but what is happening the last few days in Florida is how the tide will be turned and our civilization rescued from the parasitical vermin who are set on destroying it. SouthWest Airlines Pilots and Air Controllers are saying “hell no” to the vax mandate and the Obiden Administration and the Dog Fart Media are in a panic. They blame the cancellation of 2000 flights on “bad weather”when the sky is clear and the other airlines are on schedule. Standing up to Comrade Puppet Obiden and his horde of ChiCom spies, agents and fellow-travellers is an issue both the vaxed and the unvaxed can agree upon. All of us need to unite and walk off, and boycott when any job or rights of the unvaxed are threatened by these tyrants. I see a massive resistance growing that will build to a crescendo by November 2022 when we will have an opportunity for all of us to take our country back.