Ho Hum Gavin Newsom Compares Trump to Hitler


Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) said former President Donald Trump’s Republican Party is similar to Nazi Germany’s terror regime. I hate to say it, but since he’s a tyrant, that applies to him more than Donald Trump.

Newsom won’t let people in lousy schools have school choice. It mostly affects poor minorities he pretends he cares about. However, he just moved to Marin County so his children could take advantage of the $60,000 a year education.

The so-called rising star of the Democratic Party, Newsom, compared Trump’s GOP and Hitler’s fascist party during a speech Tuesday.

“When they speak of immigrants poisoning American blood, and of mass deportations and detention camps, this is the language of destruction, of 1939, when Governor Olson issued his warning,” Newsom said.

He is hoping to become president after destroying California. The state has a $46.8 billion budget deficit, ridiculously high tax rates, homeless everywhere, and property crimes growing thanks to his pro-criminal and pro-unvetted illegal immigration.

Newsom was trying to push back against “delusional California bashers” whose “success depends on our failure.” He noted California’s violent crime rate is about half of what it was at its peak in 1992. He said property crime in San Francisco has fallen, as has the overall crime rate across the bay in Oakland – where Newsom recently deployed 120 California Highway Patrol officers. “That’s because in California, we take public safety seriously – a problem to solve, not just to flog on cable news,” he said.

What a joke. The numbers are better because crimes aren’t reported, or if they are reported, they aren’t prosecuted.

In January, he gave free healthcare to people coming illegally at great expense. Last year, he signed a bill to allow children to be taken away from parents if they refuse to accept children’s changing gender, which is not even possible. Residents tried to recall the sociopath Governor. He’s a loser, and Democrats love him. How do you figure that out?


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