NY Times/Siena Poll Has Trump Leading Biden 48% to 42%


The New York Times/Siena national poll for June 2024 is out. It gives Donald Trump a higher share of Black voters than we are used to seeing. The poll shows that Donald Trump leads senile Joe Biden nationally at 48% to 42%. Another 10% are confused. If the election were held today, 30% of Blacks would vote for Donald Trump, along with 44% of Hispanics.


The poll this month found that 70% of whites, 61% of blacks, and 51% of Hispanics say we are on the wrong track.

Another 22% of whites, 25% of blacks, and 38% of Hispanics said we are on the right track.

When asked if they would vote for Joe Biden, 34% of whites, 51% of blacks, and 38% of Hispanics said they would. In the case of Donald Trump, 47% of whites, 20% of blacks, and 30% of Hispanics said they would vote for Donald Trump. Robert F Kennedy drew 7% of the white vote, 5% of black voters, and 10% of Hispanics.

When choosing between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in a two-way race, if the election were held today, 40% of whites, 65% of blacks, and 52% of Hispanics would choose Joe Biden, and 54% of whites, 26% of blacks, and 38% of Hispanics would choose Donald Trump.

When asked who they voted for in 2020, 48% of whites, 11% of blacks, and 23% of Hispanics voted for Donald Trump. Another 38% of whites, 72% of blacks, and 50% of Hispanics voted for Joe Biden.

The net favorable towards Donald Trump was 45%: 52% for whites, 23% for blacks, and 32% for Hispanics.

Net unfavorable for Trump:53%: 47% of whites, 74% of blacks, and 66% of Hispanics were unfavorable to Trump.

The net favorable for Joe Biden was 40%: 34% favorable, 64% black, and 51% Hispanic. The net unfavorable for Joe Biden was 57%:  64% white, 30% black, and 47% Hispanic.

You can review the results here.

The one thing this poll didn’t look at is cheating. No one can out-cheat Democrats.

Joe Biden is leading like a socialist/communist, and I don’t want to live in a totalitarian society. New York is Hell already, and it’s not fully transformed yet.

Pundits say Americans don’t realize Biden is a Progressive [socialist/communist]. I don’t think so. They want to be communists, but they won’t like it when they get what they want.




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