Hoax Hate Crime by Trump Supporter from “White America” Out Hunting Refugees


Police in east Charlotte are actively searching for a man accused of lighting an arson fire and leaving behind a disturbing note.

The letter is signed “White America”.The article goes on to talk about the fire at the front door and references made about President Trump. The note advises the refugee to “go back where he came from”.

The letter threatened to torture the refugee business owner of Central Market.

Investigators tell NBC Charlotte the incident is being investigated as an anti-Muslim hate crime.

“Scared for my life because the letter shows that warning,” says Kamal Dhimal, owner of Central Market.

“I’m here in this country to get my life, not destroy my life,” Dhimal said.

“We will have officers through the night out there, walking through the neighborhood,” said CMPD Captain Nelson Bowling.

But the police are looking for a BLACK MAN seen on surveillance tape lighting the fire.

Why don’t they cover the case of an anti-Trump nut running around Wisconsin with a high-powered rifle — Swat Team Deployed in Janesville. Joseph A. Jakubowski, who is suspected of burglarizing a gun shop and sending a manifesto to President Donald Trump, plans to attack politicians and schools.

No, they won’t cover that. They’ll cover the fake Trump supporting black person – barely mentioning he’s black – who doesn’t like refugee storekeepers.



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6 years ago

I have some well intentioned advice for you: Your writing is confusing. It is not clear as one reads this story which part of what you are saying is tongue in cheek or sarcasm on your part, what are actual facts, and so forth. If you don’t have an actual editor, try sharing your writing with someone who doesn’t already know the story and ask them to talk aloud about their understanding. I think you will see how you are confusing people. Your writing is not going to be helpful to “the cause” here if you can’t get more clarity and more sense of the reader.