Hobbs Wants Kari Lake Sanctioned for Exercising Her Constitutional Rights


Katie Hobbs

Ms. Lake challenged a very poorly-run election, and lost. Now she is being harassed by the victors. Maricopa County is working with infamous Hillary Clinton attorney Marc Elias to sanction Kari Lake and her legal team for contesting the election. Hobbs has signed on to the case.

Ms. Lake has the right to contest that election.  Hobbs claims the Lake case was “frivolous” and “baseless.” Lake had two of her complaints heard by the court because they needed to be adjudicated.

The case asks for Lake to pay legal expenses:

“Before a single vote was counted in the 2022 general election, Kari Lake publicly stated that she would accept the results of the gubernatorial election only if she were the winning candidate. But she has not simply failed to publicly acknowledge the election results.”

“Instead, she filed a groundless, 70-page election contest lawsuit against [Hobbs], the Secretary of State & Maricopa County and several of its elected officials and employees (but no other county or its employees), thereby dragging them…into this frivolous pursuit.”

The motion requests Lake pay $25,050 in attorney fees for Maricopa and Hobbs. “Enough really is enough. It is past time to end unfounded attacks on elections and unwarranted accusations against elections officials. This matter was brought without any legitimate justification…”

Ms. Lake plans to appeal her case on this new lawsuit. She lost the election by 17,000 votes and believes she would have won had the election been run properly. Not only were there countless errors discouraging voters waiting on line for hours, but the three people in charge of the incompetently-run election were Ms. Lake’s opponent Katie Hobbs and two people who were contributing to PACs to defeat her.

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