Hochul’s New Scheme to Spread Out Unvetted Venezuelans


Governor Hochul announced that 18,000 jobs and 400 employers are waiting to hire unvetted, anonymous Venezuelan migrants who came here “for a better life” [in Long Island and upstate].

“Migrants and asylum seekers came here to work — so let’s put them to work,” said Hochul. “Right now, we have a migrant crisis and a workforce crisis. By connecting work-eligible individuals with jobs and opportunities in New York, we can solve them both and secure a brighter future for all New Yorkers.”

She’s planning to ship them to Long Island and upstate, and neither wants them.

As an aside, does anyone remember when Mike Pence reported he’d spoken earlier in the day with the Honduran president, who told him the latest caravan [at that time in 2018] was organized by “leftist groups” and funded by Venezuela, a country deeply at odds with the administration?

“At the president’s direction, I spoke to President Hernandez of Honduras,” said Pence, “he told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela.”

So, is Maduro sending his rocket scientists, engineers, teachers, or criminals and insane people?


Venezuelans have temporary protected status and are awarded work permits for coming here illegally. Most of the people coming in are single young men.

The state identified 2,896 openings in Hudson Valley and 1,294 openings on Long Island, where the Republicans live. They don’t want these unvetted anonymous lawbreakers.

Half of the jobs are in New York City.

She wants to spread the wealth and the potential criminals. We don’t know who these people are.

Fox News reports:

About 24% of the job openings are in accommodation and food services with 90 businesses, according to the governor office’s breakdown. Another 21% of the openings are in healthcare and social assistance with 79 businesses. Manufacturing accounts for 10% of the openings with 38 businesses, and administrative support accounts for 8% with 29 businesses.

“We have to manage the fact that there’s 125,000 people right now, up until tomorrow, have not been eligible to work and have relied on public support for housing,” Hochul said at a press conference. “That is not a sustainable dynamic. It is just not sustainable in the long term. But we’ve dealt with it. So, I’m going to call on businesses to sign up even more.”

There are over 86,000 homeless people in New York City’s shelter system. That doesn’t count the homeless on the streets who don’t go into shelters. Why can’t she work as hard at getting some of them jobs?

Since the mass influx started, Hochul has been planning to spread them into Republican voting areas.



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