Hochul’s Vile Press Release Precipitated the Attack on Her Opponent?


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) sent out a press release urging her supporters to “RSVP” to her Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin’s (R) upcoming campaign stop. The releases said he would lie, spread “dangerous lies, misinformation,” and a far-right agenda.”

Hours later, David Jakubonis, 43, rushed onto the makeshift stage where Rep. Zeldin was giving a stump speech and attempted to stab him. The attacker said, “You’re done” as he lunged.

That is a federal offense. Will Merrick Garland get right on it?

The attacker is free without bail. The authorities let him out two hours after his arrest.

L attacke d on stageee Zeldin

Rep. Zeldin held onto his wrist long enough for the onlookers to step in and subdue the attacker.


GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz and New York GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy pointed out that Hochul’s campaign sent out a press release just hours before the failed attack on Zeldin that blasted out the time and location of several of Zeldin’s campaign’s upcoming stops.

The vile release precipitated the attack. It was hateful and dishonest.

Hochul claimed that Zeldin and his team would spread “dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda at these campaign events.”

“‘Big Lie’ Lee and his entourage of extremists kick off the statewide ‘MAGA Republican’ Bus Tour, which will make stops across the state peddling dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda,” Hochul’s release read.

The New York governor also claimed that Zeldin “will be joined by top anti-abortion advocates, NRA enthusiasts, and a cast of extremist groups.”

Hochul urged her supporters to “RSVP to hear about Zeldin’s ‘Election Integrity Task Force,’ and his recent election fraud scandal in which his campaign photocopied over 11,000 duplicate petition signatures.”

We have no idea if the press release was the impetus for the attack, but it does remind us of that way the media reacted to a Sarah Palin campaign website.


Remember the crosshairs ad Sarah Palin sent out pointing to no one in particular?

About an hour after a lunatic shot Gabby Giffords and others, the corrupt media blamed Sarah Palin.

Attention was immediately focused on the “harsh political rhetoric” in the US. The media claimed Sarah Palin might just as well have fired every shot. Sarah Palin was implicated because of gun-related metaphors in her speeches and her political action committee website. A harmless ad on the website “targeted” the districts of Giffords and others. They had pictures of crosshairs on an electoral map.

The “targets” were NOT a rifle scope view. They were the common symbol used by surveyors to pinpoint locations on a map.

That hadn’t precipitated anything. This probably didn’t either.

That became a cause celebre, but most media ignore the attack on Lee Zeldin.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe not.


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