Hog farming’s racist! Nickelodeon goes whole hog stirring up racial hate


Nickelodeon is brainwashing children with complete lies about environmental racism and systemic racism. The segment below also sees systemic racism in hog farms. Nickelodeon is getting the anti-meat and anti-America gibberish into one fake report.

This is insane, dishonest, and clearly an effort to make children grow up seeing racism everywhere.

This is an effort to start a race war. They are playing with fire.

The children ‘leading’ this movement are driven by adults no doubt, who exploit them.

One of the more ridiculous lies is that nuclear plants are causing pollution. Nuclear plants are the cleanest form of energy. In fact, they are really the only clean energy sources that are reliable. The waste is not an issue.

By making everything racist, including hogs, the hard-left can do anything it wants without any recriminations.

Disgusting lies:

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