‘Wrong border’ Kamala laughs about 2 million ‘women people’ out of work


Kamala Harris on Friday went to New Hampshire to pump people up over her job-killing policies that only the hard-Left wants.

Co-President Kamala tends to laugh inappropriately. It is strange. They should keep her in Biden’s basement. She’s not fit for public speaking.

In the video clip, she laughs over “two million women people” forced out of work due to the pandemic. She only reached 0% from her own people during the primary and now she helps run the country with the weak-minded Joe Biden.


She went to the wrong border, and the GOP noticed.

“Welcome to the #WrongBorder, VP Kamala Harris! As you travel over 2,300 miles away from El Paso, our country would be better served with an official visit to our southern border, not a campaign trip for Maggie Hassan,” the New Hampshire GOP tweeted.

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2 years ago

Heels Up Harris is a gift that keeps on giving. She is America’s Poster girl for using sex to succeed in politics. The only way people like this can conceivably get into office is by corruption because with that laugh I can’t see her being that good in bed. Didn’t we impeach a President over sexual deviancy back in the 1990s. How did Heels Up sneak in with 0% in the primary, oh ya, the big steal.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Rot, criminality and corruption won the day…and they are doing their utmost, of course with the ever complicit Main sewer Stream fake Media at the helm to ensure the job they were doing, before D. J Trump broke their rhythm in 2016, is completed before 2022…