Pastor forced to cancel Charlie Kirk — Antifa, BLM threaten to burn down church, people


The Seattle antifa and Black Lives Matter hate groups threatened to burn down a church and its neighbors over an event with Charlie Kirk, a low-key traditional American.

This is Stalinism.

A Puyallup, Wash., church has canceled conservative speaker Charlie Kirk after antifa activists threatened to burn down all of its buildings and torch the neighbors’ properties too.

Motion Church planned an event with Kirk, the head of Turning Point USA and a Christian speaker, on May 2.

The church concentrates on good works, helping homeless, needy, and addicted people It also hosts regular services and events at the church.


On Friday, Motion Church Pastor Roger Archer posted a video announcing that he was being forced to cancel the May 3 event because “the soft targets of churches, the elderly, women, children, and law-abiding citizens are vulnerable to anarchists who live free of the fear of reprisal. [T]he cops don’t have the manpower to protect the several properties used by the church.”

They threatened to hurt the parishioners.

Pastor Archer said the fact that the police don’t have the manpower to help and the governor doesn’t have the political will to fight back means the church would have been left to the antifa arsonists and vandals of antifa and BLM.

The officials are violating their oath of office.

Think about this. The police literally can’t shut down a terrorist threat. They don’t have the resources. The governor won’t do the right thing. The pastor said, “love always wins.” I’m not so sure.

That governor is breaking the law.


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