Hogg Found the Russians in the Witch Hunt Who Emailed, Used Social Media


David Hogg, one of the more annoying faces of the Democratic far-left Party, tweeted sarcastically that “we’ve found the Russians in this witch hunt.” He was referring to the GOP and the NRA who were snookered into photo-ops with and received emails from a possible Russian spy.

Ms. Butina, a Russian citizen and a graduate student, was arrested Sunday and charged with acting on behalf of the Russian government without registering as a foreign agent. According to the press release Mr. Hogg retweeted, Ms. Butina was tasked by the Kremlin with “infiltrating organizations having influence in American politics” to aid Moscow’s ends.

The left is skipping the trial on this issue and going right to the hanging.

One of those infiltrated groups was a ‘gun-rights organization’ [NRA?], according to the charging documents. It was widely reported Monday afternoon that the group was the National Rifle Association.

The President is a Republican and the NRA and National Prayer Breakfast are a fairly reasonable way to get to him if she is a spy.

For the public’s information, we are not at war with Russia.


Butina claims to be a lifetime member of the NRA and she formed a Russian sister group called, The Right to Bear Arms.

She also exploited the National Prayer Breakfast to meet Republican leaders in the hopes — allegedly — of influencing U.S. politics, according to Mueller.

If the President was a Democrat, she probably would have joined Demand Justice and gotten a job with Media Matters.

To date, it looks like Robert Mueller has indicted Maria Butina for sending two emails and coming to the U.S. on a student visa. She was a big supporter of “gun rights” in Russia and she might have communicated with the NRA — no word from them yet. She also used Twitter. The charge is conspiracy. Read the affidavit here yourself.

No Americans nor is the gun rights organization implicated in the conspiracy at this time, but that doesn’t stop Hogg.

Hogg has convicted the President and has moved on to the victory party.


  1. Basically the affidavit details a FARA violation and the actions of consequence to that violation. The actions in the Speaking Indictment are, in effect, preliminary, and does not state any action that was perfected. Instead, it consisted of “how can we gain access”. Nor does the affidavit state any particular lobbying goals or matters of influence. It seems to be a rather weak indictment.

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