Hogg Has a New Exciting Project, Wait Until You See Who’s Behind It


David Hogg defines himself as “just a kid” who doesn’t have “any shadowy figures behind” him. He said that in response to Bill O’Reilly calling him out for lying. Even that was another lie. He does in fact have many shadowy figures behind him.

The “kid” is out now gunning for Congress. However, he is organizing nothing. A powerful far-left group called ‘Town Hall Project’ is behind it and the people behind the Project are the usual evil suspects.

The Town Hall Project is run by former operatives for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and George Soros is involved.

The attacks on congressmen at town halls will soon heat up. Hogg is prompting people to come out and barrage the Republican candidates with abuse.

Called the “Town Hall for Our Lives” project, it’s organized by professional progressive activists who have organized the same types of protests/riots for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hogg and his comrades aren’t going to go quietly nor will they settle for only 15 minutes of fame. They have been made the face of the anti-gun, get out the vote for Democrats movement. This will continue until they are no longer useful.

The evil forces behind Town Hall Project


Via Breitbart

The group [Town Hall Project] boasts a small leadership team of four activists, with the official bios of three organizers boasting about their involvement in Democratic presidential campaigns (emphasis added):

Jimmy Dahman – Executive Director – Prior to starting Town Hall Project, Jimmy organized for and managed numerous electoral and issue campaigns across more than ten states, including managing over 70 organizers in Northeast Ohio for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Megan Riel-Mehan – Lead Web Developer – Megan is a PhD chemical biologist and experienced web developer, currently specializing in visualizing cell biology at the Allen Institute in Seattle.

Nathan Williams – Managing Director – Nathan has volunteered or worked on numerous issue and candidate campaigns since 2000, including the 2008 Obama campaign. He is also an award-winning independent filmmaker.

Juliana Amin – National Organizing Director – Before Town Hall Project, Juliana built organizing programs across the country over multiple cycles. Most recently she oversaw a team of more than 60 staff in Ohio for the Clinton campaign in 2016.

The Town Hall Project links to the Podesta-Soros Center for American Progress for those who want to get the toolkit. Obama’s Organizing for America, which linked up with the Indivisibles, is also working with the Project.

Indivisible leaders openly associated with groups financed by billionaire George Soros.

NextGen America propaganda is spread all over the website’s first page. NextGen was founded by far-left Democratic mega donor and extremist Tom Steyer.

Hogg’s tweeting for Town Hall Project


  1. It’s understandable why Hogg is acting in all these respects. After reviewing his Reddit posts we find that he desired to be popular because he had so few friends. Once thrust into the public spotlight and given positive reviews it became an elixir to his ego. He is now feeding on that popularity and wants to maintain it. Given the majority of media agrees with his beliefs he will continue to be even more brazen. His immaturity will not allow any circumspection and the result will be such an overreach that could be self-destructive. He will not want to take a chance on losing popularity and thus continue to push the envelope, in hopes of maintaining it, until such time a serious backlash occurs. If he isn’t careful on where he takes this a severe depression may arise that is destructive. He could very well turn into what he is campaigning Against by becoming the perpetrator in order to fulfill the purpose.

  2. I guess it continues. NOW it’s Ace Hardware. Since this IS one company I’ve spent a good amount of money with I DID contact them, with this.

    I’m seriously disappointed with Ace Hdwre Co. Even though I rarely watch the Laura Ingraham show I despise the use of “extortion” by political groups to get their way. The other companies that have used political extortion regarding this show I have never visited but with Ace I HAVE fairly often. No longer will I do so. Even though I don’t much care for the show I am MORE troubled at these tactics used. With YOUR boycott you have CHOSEN SIDES and therefore I will CHOOSE who to do business with and it will not be with your company any longer, UNTIL you rescind your “boycott”.

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