Hillary’s At It Again, Says Hogg Movement Has “Real Shot to Defeat the NRA”


Hillary Clinton is out of the woods and at it again. Speaking at The Wing, a women-only social club in New York City, Clinton repeated her claims of why she lost the election.

Clinton lamented how “really hard” it is watching the way President Trump is carrying out his duties as president.

She hit Fox News and the entire media. Fox, she said, is trying “to impeach her.”

Also, during her speech, she called the Electoral College an “anachronism”. She won the popular vote, therefore she should be president, according to her.

Finally, she actually thinks the David Hogg anti-gun movement has a “real shot to defeat the NRA.” Besides being clueless, is she trying to start a revolution?

The women present were very excited she was there. As for Hillary, she can’t accept her loss and is still traumatized.




  1. It was self-evident when the “infamous four” began their crusade against the NRA. The Democrats are fully aware the NRA is quite effective in their engagements at the grassroots level whereas the many of the leftists ones are dwindling in effectiveness. They are NO different than the white extremists who use AIPAC as the impetus that Jews / Zionists control the world. Both have similar rhetoric in authoritarianism.

  2. It sounds like Hillary was eating some funny mushrooms while out hiking in the woods. Otherwise, how else could her delusional rantings be explained.

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