Hope! Titan Expedition Sends Desperate SOS Pleas for Help – Update


Rescuers confirm they heard desperate banging every thirty minutes. The victims only have until about 10am tomorrow when the ill-fated vessel runs out of oxygen. It could be sooner if they are not conserving oxygen.

They must be saved in time to make the eight-hour trip to the surface. I don’t know why they need eight.

In an update, it doesn’t sound like Morse Code; it’s just banging.

The victims of the Titanic submarine disaster are alive 3,800m under the Atlantic Ocean.

The victims are desperately banging on the sub. GB News said SOS taps for help are heard every thirty minutes.

Two vehicles imploded, trying to reach them. They were only able to go 3000m.


Sources close to the rescue say two British deep-water salvage companies were three to four days away from sending equipment. The US coast guard allegedly decided not to fund the export.

US President Joe Biden is allegedly involved. And the two British salvage companies have been told to stand down.

If true, it’s despicable. The US is sending tax dollars to enemies, but not for this?

France has reportedly ignored US advice and sent a ship named the l’Atlante, a vessel featuring a robot that can plunge to 20000ft.

The missing sub, Titan, lost contact with its mothership, MV Polar Prince, around one hour and 45 minutes into the two-hour descent. Now they are sending desperate SOS pleas for help.


The OceanGate sub’s air supply will run out around 10 am on Thursday.

Sources told GB News that two victims’ wives are on a ship desperately waiting for their loved ones.

British billionaire Hamish Harding, who runs an aviation company, is among those missing, along with Paul-Henry Nargeolet, a former French Navy diver, and Stockton Rush, the chief executive of OceanGate.

British businessman Shahzada Dawood, a member of one of Pakistan’s richest families, and his 19-year-old son Suleman Dawood are also onboard the vessel.

The OceanGate Expeditions tour group lost contact ostensibly when the vessel was directly above the Titanic wreck.

The Titanic sits at about 38 100 meters and US waters.


Speaking on GB News, Oceanographer Dr. Simon Boxall said: “They’re in a very difficult situation here. They’re sitting in four kilometers, 13,000 feet of water. That’s the limit of the sub’s capability, anyway.

“They’re in a very deep part of the ocean. They’re a long way from the coast as well. So getting any sort of rescue attempt to them is going to take time. And there are very few vessels that are capable of going to those sorts of depths.”

He added: “And of course, you know, we know obviously how long it took for us to discover Titanic, and the size compared to the submersible significant gives you an idea of how difficult this search is going to be.”

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