Hordes of rats take over New Orleans streets


New Orleans is reportedly the next New York with a 312% increase in deaths from Cov-19 in one week. In addition, they now have hordes of rats looking for food and running everywhere during the coronavirus pandemic.

“CBS This Morning Saturday” showed the rodents scurrying onto Bourbon Street in the Louisiana city’s historic French Quarter, an area that’s largely unoccupied during these days of quarantining and social distancing.

Residents said they never saw anything like this.

Bars in the district are currently closed, while restaurants are operating on a takeout-only basis.

“I turn the corner, there’s about 30 rats at the corner, feasting on something in the middle of the street,” Charles Marsala, a local businessman who snapped the shocking video, told CBS.

Rat traps and bait have been set throughout the area in an effort to combat the onslaught of rodents, who appear desperate to find grub now that people aren’t packing the streets like they normally do.

One thing they should worry about is rats getting the illness or any illness and giving it to the homeless in particular. Coronavirus is believed to have begun with bats.


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