Horowitz on ‘fascist administration…can’t underestimate the danger’ Dems pose


David Horowitz, an author, thought leader, and communist-turned-conservative, spoke to John Bachman on Newsmax Thursday. He addressed the Equality Act, which is disastrous.

For example, it will prevent Catholics from teaching children their beliefs on childbirth, marriage, or anything like that. Mr. Horowitz also went into the anti-free speech hearings on Wednesday.

He told Bachman that this is fascism and it’s the Democrats replacing religion with the State.

It’s a “fascist administration” that wants to “substitute the State with God.” This bill replaces God with the State so if the State says transgendered, biological men can compete in female sports, then that’s the law of the land.

Horowitz said Biden “is the biggest liar ever to occupy the White House.” He ran as a “moderate.” His executive orders are the work of dictators. They are “sticks in the eyes Trump supporters,” but it’s worse than that, “they are violations of what America has been about for 200 years…You can’t underestimate the danger the Democrat Party poses.”

Democrats want to shut down the only outlets that oppose the Pelosi religion, he added with additional comments.


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