Horrible WaPo Headline: Israel faces crisis of its own making…


This headline and article are partly written by an Israeli in Tel Aviv named Shira Rubin. Shira doesn’t like Netanyahu and sides with Joe Biden, an imbecile. It’s an article criticizing how Netanyahu is handling the war because she obviously doesn’t like him.

Even Benny Gantz is siding with Netanyahu in this war, as most Israelis are. It’s not true that Israelis want the war to end without a mission accomplished. It’s also not true that any of this was Israel’s fault.

That attack on 1200 people and the 250 captives is beyond description. It was horrific. In a country the size of Israel, nearly 1500 people is huge. This is their 9/11, and it is existential in their case.

Israelis were forced to wage this defensive war against the vicious Hamas terrorists because of the utterly barbaric attack on October 7th that killed about 1,200 civilians. Hamas blew away children, and babies, raped hundreds of women, slaughtered the men.

The war is only five months old.

The crisis in Gaza is wholly the fault of Hamas. These people use their own people as human shields. They refuse to surrender the hostages, prolonging the war. Fingers need to be pointed at them.

To me, The Washington Post and this article are garbage; Schumer and Biden are evil and only care about the election.


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