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TN State Sen. Threatens Riots, Calls Colleagues Racists, JimCrow


A Tennessee Senator is calling for riots because she didn’t get her way legislatively. She’s an actual insurrectionist Marxist pushing equity, which is anything but equitable. Besides threatening violence, she’s calling colleagues racists, Jim Crow, and Confederates.

She sounds racist.

“Gloves Off,” says Sen. Charlane Oliver (D-Nashville). Calls for Riots after TN Senate Passes Sen. Brent Taylor Pro-Police Bill.

“And you might as well stomp on the grave of Tyre Nichols for bringing this bill. Yes, we are emotionally charged. Why? Because it’s personal for us, Taylor-made. This was personal the minute he introduced this legislation to target one family and one life that was lost. So, yeah, we gonna fight.

“Doctor King said the riots are the language of the unheard. You ain’t seen nothing yet. If you keep silent and silencing us like this, what do you think our district is gonna do?

“We have had it up here. Gloves off. Like we’re gonna fight like hell. You don’t expect us to respond when you gaslight us every single day with these bills.

“There’s a bill that to get rid of the Tennessee Human Rights Commission that they’re going to bring to abolish it, rooted in the Civil Rights Act, to make sure that we have protections for folks that looked like Tyre Nichols.

“Don’t tell me this stuff ain’t racist. Don’t tell me it’s not. It is rooted in racism. This was a Jim Crow bill that Taylor brought, and all his Confederates voted for it today.”

Dr. King didn’t call for riots. It’s disgusting when the left twists his words. These hardcore leftists shouldn’t be in office, but they are since Democrats are recruiting them.

The Bill

The Tennessee Senate passed a bill Thursday that could affect how law enforcement handles traffic stops.

Senate Bill 2572 prohibits local governments from adopting or enacting an ordinance that prohibits law enforcement from taking all necessary steps to prevent and detect crime. The bill is sponsored by State Senator Brent Taylor and House Representative John Gillespie, who represent parts of the Memphis area.

The bill passed the Tennessee House of Representatives last week and will now go to the governor’s desk.

The original bill, passed after Tyre Nichols died a the hands of the police, handcuffed the innocent police from doing their job.

For example, Memphis’ City Council passed the Driving Equality Act last year to minimize confrontations between officers and city residents. The act bans police from stopping civilians for minor traffic violations such as a broken taillight. Such guidance will be rolled back if the legislation passed by the state legislature becomes law.

Tyre was beaten to death by the police after he was stopped in his car. The police will be punished. It was caught on video. This bill doesn’t affect the punishment.

“I understand their hearts are broken,” Taylor told Action News 5, “and I regret that. But we have to protect Memphians and we have to protect Tennessee. Those officers should spend the rest of their natural lives in prison for what they did to Tyre Nichols. But we can’t let our empathy for one family cloud our judgment and how we’re going to protect seven million Tennesseans.”

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