AOC’s District Looks Like 3rd World! Flea Markets Block Streets, Migrants, Hookers, Garbage Everywhere


Fox News reports that desperate migrants in expanding areas of AOC’s district block sidewalks selling food and shilling clothing items while prostitutes openly solicit sex from passersby — reportedly including teens.

This takes place during the daytime.

There are brothels everywhere.

Sentinel reported this last December, and Adams did nothing; AOC did nothing. One brothel is across from a school. Many of these criminals are Venezuelan, and we let hundreds of thousands of unvetted Venezuelans into the country.

According to The Daily Mail in December, New York City now has a new red light district fueled by the arrival of migrant Venezuelan prostitutes.

They are all over Roosevelt Avenue in Corona, Queens.

Adams said it’s one of the visible signs of the crisis that could destroy the city. At the same time, he protects the illegals over citizens every time Curtis Sliwa tries to stop the influx.

It’s due to the hordes of illegal alien Venezuelans. They solicit even during the day while children go to and from school or come out for recess. We’re not getting their best.

Corona, Jackson Heights, and Elmhurst — a once-vibrant community in northwestern Queens — is a large flea market with trash overflowing on street corners in unsavory and unhygienic conditions, as video obtained by Fox News Digital shows.

The neighborhood’s main strip along Roosevelt Avenue has become so renowned for its prostitution that locals have nicknamed the area “the market of sweethearts,” and viral online videos advise prospective johns on how to make use of sex workers’ services there.

[They’re not sex workers, they’re prostitutes or hookers, and many are very bad people.]

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