Israel Bombs Gaza, Hamas Threatens On Air Executions


Israel’s Defense Minister said the goal now is to destroy Hamas. They see that as the only reasonable solution. The IDF spokesperson said they have information about all the abductees and have informed thirty families. They are attacking Gaza even if it costs the lives of the abductees because this attack on Gaza is too important.

The spokesperson said the pace of airstrikes on Gaza is five times that on Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War.

He added that no more terrorists are crossing the fence. Israel has achieved full control of the Israeli territory surrounding Gaza.

Over 900 Israelis have been killed, but that number is expected to rise. Thousands are injured. The population is only nine million, and the land mass is only about the size of New Jersey.

Israel notified 24 residential complexes in Gaza that the buildings would be bombed and they should get out. Watch the bombing of Rimal, the luxurious neighborhood where most Hamas terrorists live. They also turned off the water to Gaza.

The Hamas spokesperson said they will start executing an abductee on air for every civilian killed in Gaza in unannounced strikes.

Iran is pushing Hezbollah, one of their proxies, to war. They gave all their proxies the go-ahead to attack Israel.

Saudi Arabia has informed the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, that negotiations on normalizing relations with Israel are on hold. Clueless Joe wanted to know.

Even after this attack, Blinken insists a two-state solution be on the table, even though the tiny nation of Israel wouldn’t be able to defend itself if it gives up the land Democrats are demanding.

Joe Biden panders to MBS.

Meanwhile, grocery store shelves in Israel are empty. Israelis have been told to get enough water and food for 72 hours.

Many believe Russia is behind this, pushing for a broader war with the US.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will announce an emergency government shortly.

The Lack of Support in the US Upper Echelon

Most disturbing was the Biden regime’s first response, which was to tell Israel to cease fire. Also reprehensible was the response by the US media. We addressed the media in Canada, with the CBC coming strongly down on the side of the terrorists. But, we also had a problem in this country with the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC. They all had their sympathy for Palestinian terrorist’s talking points.

MSNBC’s Matt Mike Bradley said, “I couldn’t think of a better gift for Benjamin Netanyahu right now than this kind of incursion. This is a very big gift for Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Greenblatt seems surprised about MSNBC’s response:

Watch this clown:


Correction: we had to quickly address the information we put down about Saudi Arabia. It might be incorrect. It looks like Saudi Arabia is just putting negotiations with Israel on hold, not canceling. However, it’s meaningless if Israel has to give up more land.

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