Horrific! Slain Tech Begs for Help, People Videotape Instead


Update: The man who killed him knew him. Lee was having an affair with the man’s sister. It seems Mr. Lee also had a dark side.


“Help,” Bob Lee screamed into the phone. A 911 operator was on the other end. “Someone stabbed me.” Those were his last words.

He walked down the street for a while, stumbling, seeking help, gripping his side, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He collapsed several times. Once when he picked himself up, he went to a car and begged for help. The car sped away, and he collapsed.

No one helped him, but people did take videos. The copies of any videos are not on the Internet.

When the police got to him on Main Street, he was unconscious. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where he died. Police say he suffered two stab wounds to the chest.

Mr. Lee was the 43-year-old was a tech CEO, the chief product officer of MobileCoin, well-liked, a loving husband, and a father of two girls. There are no arrests at this time.

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