Horrifically bad! The unholy alliance of Fauci-Daszak-Shi exposed!


Alex Berenson found the following documentation and it’s horrifyingly bad. It details the $14 million Project Diffuse grant proposal, dated 3/24/18, by Dr. Peter Daszak at Eco-Health Alliance. The dates for the project were 12/1/18 to 5/31/22. The Alliance proposal is to work on the gain of function research with the bat lady Dr. Shi in Wuhan and in Chapel Hill NC, Madison WI, NY NY, and Singapore.

If this is true, and no one has said it’s not, it is atrociously bad and warrants an immediate criminal investigation.

It was rejected but this research was funded in part by NIH to the tune of 600k in 2017, and that’s what Rand Paul accused Fauci of in the Congressional hearing in May.

The elites have too much power.

The full title of the project is Project Diffuse: Defusing the threat of bat-borne viruses.

This is the first paragraph:

Then came this:

They knew all about the Horseshoe bat and they even knew the monoclonal antibody treatments are effective. it just goes on and on.

They have been lying all along. Someone needs to go to prison for negligence of the highest order in a Level 4 lab. Fauci, Daszak, and Shi are high on my list.

Main Document Preempt Volume 1 No Ess Hr00118s0017 Ecohealth Alliance by Maura on Scribd

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