This is what happened to Christian Afghans after Biden stranded them


The kinder, gentler Taliban are hunting down Christians, raping the girls, kidnapping them, beheading little boys, according to an article first published by the Family Research Council.

Some Afghan Christians have fled to the hills, others have retreated into the shadows, hiding in safe houses fearing that knock on the door. Some have just gone missing completely.

For people like Jean Marie Thrower, those are the ones that haunt her. “People… are going missing and getting killed every day.” On the ground, her Afghan Rescue Crew hears the harrowing stories of desperate parents. “We have had people shot, beheaded. 

They’re taking the kids. If you’re on the run, and they find your family, they’ll hurt your family and put the word out in the neighborhood that ‘we’ve got your brother or son or daughter.’ They cut off the heads of two boys that were nine and ten.” The Taliban is executing Christians faster than her organization can find them. “We started out with 300 three weeks ago, and we’re down to 55.”

Orphans who survive often starve. Two little girls who were hiding when their parents were murdered ventured out to the market. The Taliban found them, raped and beat them.

The Taliban are going door-to-door, taking women and children. All families with girls over 12 must put an ‘X’ on the door so the Taliban can take them. If a family doesn’t do it and the Taliban finds out, the entire family is executed.

Men are giving guns to wives and daughters so they can kill themselves if the Taliban come for them.

One Christian missionary says the Taliban are executing 30 to 40 at a time.

So, what is Biden doing? Well, he gave an awful speech at the UN selling out America. On Tuesday, he gave the keynote at a virulent anti-white, anti-police black supremacist Institute, The Root.

When Biden does do anything it’s anti-American, pushing mandatory vaccines, the killing of the unborn, taxing and spending exorbitantly, opening borders, condemning innocent Border Patrol agents, and so much more.

He hasn’t said a word about the people he abandoned in Afghanistan or the 13 service members who lost their lives due to Biden’s negligence and incompetence.

No one can even get basic answers from these people running our nation, whoever they are.

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