Horrifying! Equitable math: K-12 children become revolutionaries


Jonathan Butcher, a senior fellow Goldwater Institute, was on Bill O’Reilly’s podcast this evening, and his information about what is going on in our K-12 schools is horrendous. It seems like it happened overnight but it was decades in the planning.

Math is now racist and minority children are being taught facts don’t matter.

“That’s right, it is part of a cultural shift going on in our schools right now. This equitable math can be linked to what’s going on in California with the new ethnic studies program. The same things are happening in North Carolina with social studies, in Illinois with a teacher training certification program. And they’re connected by the ideas that you just outlined. Right? That there is no authentic truth, that finding the facts don’t matter, that experience matters more. And like you said, that teachers train students for resistance. They’re being trained to be revolutionaries effectively and here even in the case of math.”

It’s not just math, it’s civics and other subjects. If these children aren’t learning, they are told it doesn’t matter.

They want to keep these children ignorant, angry, and misinformed. Then they are trained in one thing — to be revolutionaries.


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  1. The Great Leap Forward will occur when they are doctors, architects, pilots, accountants, lawyers.
    It will make Idiocracy look like a Sunday afternoon in the park.
    A glorious utopia awaits! Yes we can, forward.

  2. I was born in America the Beautiful, 80 years ago. We sang songs in school, not realizing that we were learning American history and culture at the same time; America The Beautiful (how many people in this screwed-up country under the age of 65 know the words to that, or the National Anthem, or even Home On The Range or Sweet Betsy From Pike? History, culture.

    I’m not an American anymore, even after seven years’ active military duty. I just live here- fortunately, in West Texas where some of the last polite children are raised.

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