Multiple Fatalities at The Capital Gazette in Maryland, Killer Identified


UPDATE: 8:30 pm: The shooting suspect is a 38-year old ‘white’ Hispanic man who allegedly damaged his fingertips so law enforcement couldn’t identify him. He has, however, been identified through facial recognition software and his home is being searched, according to NBC News. His name is Jarrod Ramos. Smoke bombs and flash bangs were found in his backpack and he used a long gun to commit the murders.

He allegedly had a beef with the paper and sued for defamation in 2012. He recently lost an appeal.

The identity of the killer was made by 911, NBC News, CBS News and The Daily Beast. The media refers to him as a white man but he’s Hispanic.

His Twitter page appears to be on this link. It includes a threatening tweet sent immediately before the killings which began at 2:30.

The first tweet was to Eric Hartley, the man who wrote the article he claimed unfairly defamed him. You can read about the case on this link

Five Fast Facts reports:

The Twitter account, @EricHartleyFrnd, bearing the name of Jarrod Ramos of Laurel, Maryland, has been used for several years to talk about the lawsuit against the Capital Gazette and one of its former reporters, Eric Hartley, along with other rambling posts about conspiracy theories. The account’s image is a photo of Hartley. On Hartley’s head there is an image from a Japanese manga fantasy series called, Berserk. The image is called the “Brand of Sacrifice, according to a Wiki set up about “Berserk.” The Wiki explains it, “marks those for a sacrificial ceremony in which an apostle or God Hand is created. The sacrificed, usually someone close and dear to the summoner, is then ritualistically murdered, with the deceased’s life force used to complete the summoner’s transition into either an apostle or a member of the God Hand.”

His tweets also included a tweet saying he’d like to see the Capitol Gazette closed down, but it would “be nicer” to see Hartley and Marquardt “cease breathing.”

The media is, of course, irresponsibly blaming the President.

Reporters at the newspaper said they will “put a damn paper” out tomorrow.


There was an active shooter at The Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland. It is one of the oldest newspapers in the country, founded in 1727 and is owned by the Baltimore Sun. It is a local paper with no significant ideological bent.

There were multiple victims, possibly four five fatalities and twenty injuries. Only three patients have been reportedly sent to the hospital. The newspaper has 55 employees but it is not known how many were in the building. A long gun was used and a bomb might have been found.

The shooter focused on the editorial room. All are reporting the shooter is a white male, white male, white male. The MSM can’t stop saying, ‘white male’.

A briefing at 4:49 reported: several have died, several others are injured and they are in the hospital; the shooter is in custody and being interrogated; authorities were on the scene in 60 seconds; the governor rushed to the scene to offer his condolences and thank the emergency response team.

An intern tweeted there was an “active shooter, please help us”.

One reporter tweeted a single shooter “shot multiple people in my office, several are dead”.

Authorities came in from all directions. The NYPD is moving personnel to all major newspapers out of an abundance of caution. The suspect is believed to be in custody. Anne Arundel County Police are leading the investigation.

The police are checking to make certain there are no more shooters or bombs. That is part of the routine operation. It is believed to be all clear.

There are reports that the Baltimore Sun editor John MacNamara has been shot. A reporter is said to be “dealing with his grief.”

An ambulance bus has been sent to the newspaper and the bomb squad is on the way.

People are still leaving the building. One reporter called her husband from a closet. She can hear the police but is too terrified to leave.

Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen are already politicizing the situation, calling for gun control. The Twitter sewer is filled with angry leftists calling for gun control without knowing what is behind this.

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