Host uses Scott interview to continuously say Trump lied about the election


It’s unclear why Republicans go onto these left-wing networks with Clinton hacks like George Stephanopoulos, but they do. Rick Scott went onto Stephanopoulos’s ABC News show today.

Stephanopoulos asked Scott why he gave an award to Donald Trump after he lied about the election. Scott rattled off a list of major accomplishments, but Stephanopoulos continued to accuse the former president of lying about the election.

Why does the media get to say Donald Trump is lying? He believes it and there is plenty of evidence it was a corrupt election.

Drop boxes were scattered around without monitoring or chain of custody, ballots appeared in the middle of the night that changed the election results dramatically, laws were changed illegally at the last minute to favor Joe Biden. Biden is an imbecile who couldn’t gather a crowd of twenty, yet he won 81 million votes?

When cases went to court, almost all were dismissed for technicalities, and evidence was not examined.

There are many reasons to think the 2020 election was corrupt.

Maybe Democrats are getting nervous over the Maricopa County audit.


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