Hostage hiding in Kabul, “I really have given up hope…it’s just not possible”


An American mother trapped in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan fears she will never see her kids again  She is hiding with family members and Afghan allies and cannot reach Kabul’s U.S.-held airport for a chance at an evacuation, she said Saturday.

“I really have given up hope, given up on the hope of going to the airport,” the woman told Fox News. “It’s just not possible to make it through all those people.”

She said there are as many as 20 Taliban checkpoints between her and the airport.

Speaking through tears, the woman said during one attempt to get to the airport, she was whipped by Taliban fighters.

On another attempt, a man standing near her was shot in the head by the Taliban, leaving his wife and baby in tears.

Weeping, she recalled the woman screaming at seeing her husband shot on the ground, and said she will never forget the fear in their baby’s eyes.

Since then, the American mother has remained in hiding with her aunt, a former Afghan parliament member, her uncle, and other contractors and children.

“We’re scared for our lives. Every moment that a car passes by, I feel like they are going to pull in and execute us. I don’t know if I’m going to see my children again,” she said, adding that she would rather commit suicide than be tortured and killed by the Taliban.

It could be the same woman who shared a clip of a trapped American in Kabul.


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