US woman in Kabul: “coming to kill us…please help me”


Listen to this brief audio clip that was shared on Twitter by Rep. Carol Miller (R-W.V.) who wrote, “We just received this audio from an incredibly brave American in Kabul. She was attacked each time she tried to reach the airport. Despite the danger to herself, she wants us to share this. We must guarantee the safety of Americans and our allies before it is too late.”

This is horrific:

The so-called president says we are leaving August 31 and the Taliban wants us out by 9/11. What happens then?

Kirby Admits the Truth – Somewhat

Defense spokesperson John Kirby admitted American citizens are being “harassed” and “beaten” by the Taliban on Saturday.

“We don’t believe it is a large number,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said before blaming the Taliban leadership for not communicating to their fellow terrorists on the front lines.

Does he have a clue?

Kirby indicated most Americans are having no problems reaching the extraction point at the airport, echoing President Biden’s statement Friday. That part is the opposite of what is going on in Kabul.

Biden had previously said, to the “best of our knowledge – Taliban checkpoints – they are letting through people showing American passports,” which contradicts what Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin initially stated on the matter.

That last statement is untrue and he had to know that.

Watch (watch the clip after this but be warned it is graphic):

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