Hot Mess in Iowa! Sanders is only 3 votes away from Buttigieg but delegates…


Whatever happened to the Democrat mantra — one person, one vote? The Iowa Caucus now has VT Senator Bernie Sanders only three actual votes behind the ex-mayor of little South Bend, who is leading in delegates. However, the MSM usually and conveniently leaves that fact out. They report delegates.

Prepare for a hot mess.

When the Iowa Democrat Party had 62% of the vote counted, we kept hearing Buttigieg was in the lead. That’s all we have heard since. What they didn’t tell you is Bernie was rising in popular votes as Buttigieg increased his delegate count.

When you looked at popular vote, Bernie led at one point.

Iowa Dems have their own version of an Electoral College, but one that’s possibly manipulated with coin tosses and everything.

“Since Democrats believe that it’s the popular vote that matters, this means Bernie is winning, right?” tweeted Intercept editor Glenn Greenwald.

We now hear that Buttigieg holds a slight lead with 97% of the precincts in, but they don’t tell you St. Pete and Bernie are three votes apart.

St. Pete leads in 59 counties, Bernie leads in 19. There are 28 counties outstanding. What if those counties are Bernie country? What if Bernie leads in popular votes but not delegates? I’m just wondering.

To be clear, the Sentinel strongly believes in the Electoral College and we are terrified of Bernie winning since he is a communist, but we felt this needed to be reported more accurately. In the end, Bernie is probably unelectable in a general election.

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