Sen. Mike Lee Responds to Romney’s Vote to Convict


Senator Mike Lee reacted on Fox News to Senator Romney’s vote to convict on Wednesday. The left issued lavish praise but it won’t play well in Utah as Lee tells it. Some will be happy with Romney’s decision and they “might be called Democrats,” he said. Republicans are “very upset about it.” Lee disagrees with his colleague from Utah “very strongly.”

Shannon Bream asked, “How is Sen. Romney’s vote going to play back in Utah?”

“Not well. Look, there will be some people who might be happy with it, and they might be called Democrats. For the most part, I think Republicans are very upset about it. And I, for one, disagree with it, and disagree with it strongly.”

Lee later added that “you won’t see any of the people who were praising him today praising him [in 2012].”

Bream asked Lee to respond to this by Trump hater, Jennifer Rubin:

“His vote and more importantly his speech matter greatly, if only as reminders that every American has the capacity for greatness, the ability to stand on principle and the spine to refuse the entreaties of the mob…”

Senator Lee trashed Jennifer Rubin’s suggestion that the Republicans did not follow their principles and do not have a spine.

Lee explained what the President did is legal and he has no regard for Rubin’s opinion, who is neither a Republican or a Democrat. [That’s because she has no principles or a spine.]

After a clip of Blumenthal praising Romney, he said none of these Democrats will praise Romney down the road.

He said all of these people who voted for acquittal should be ashamed of themselves. [That includes Mitt Romney]

Watch or click on the link above:

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