House Dems pass unconstitutional bill to make DC the 51st state


The role of the District of Columbia is spelled out in the Constitution. The Constitution prescribes a federal city, and the 23rd amendment gives D.C. 3 presidential electors. Statehood for D.C. requires a Constitutional amendment, not a simple bill.

They obviously want it to influence elections. D.C. is a far-left Democrat city and this would give them two more Senate seats and congressional seats as well.

They even have a name picked out, the Washington, Douglass Commonwealth. Rep. Norton, a very far left woman, introducted the bill.

The mayor — far left Muriel Browser — would become governor and the city council would perform as a legislative assembly. Congress currently serves as a type of overlord over D.C. and can intervene in some of the city’s laws and policies. But the bill would wipe out the role of Congress in D.C.’s affairs.

The legislation would carve out a capital city district, a special political subdivision, around the White House, government buildings, the national mall and U.S. Capitol. That would be all that is left of the “District of Columbia.”

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a statement Wednesday arguing that the tiny federal district could still be beholden to the new state.

“For example, given its small size, the Federal capital would depend entirely on the new State of Washington, D.C. for most, if not all, of the necessary modern services, which directly implicates a concern that troubled the Framers,” OMB said.

The OMB statement also argued that the current House bill is unconstitutional because of how it would take land away from the current district to form a state.

One of their complaints is they pay taxes but don’t have senators and representatives. The solution is simple, don’t make them pay federal taxes.

It won’t pass in the Republican-controlled Senate, but it will if Democrats gain power.

If they gain power, they will:

  • flood the country with foreigners who will vote for them,
  • demand reparations,
  • legislate single-payer,
  • nationalize police,
  • regulate business into complete government control,
  • ban guns,
  • free prisoners,
  • end the prison system,
  • abolish ICE,
  • probably start up wars again,
  • kiss your free speech goodbye,
  • religion will be controlled,
  • babies will be killed up until birth and shortly thereafter,
  • there will be an extreme climate change bill that will do nothing except rob us of our money,
  • the Electoral College will be dumped,
  • and the SCOTUS will be stacked,
  • mail-in voting will be the rule of the day,
  • more welfare,
  • more stealing of private property,
  • attacks on ranchers and farms,
  • extremely high taxation,
  • wild spending,
  • and the constitution will be trashed beyond recognition.

It won’t take long, but the USA will be gone no matter how many states it has. Democrats are authoritarians who will throw oil executives in prison and allow the FBI to return to its previous lawlessness. It’s who they are.

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3 years ago

Unconstitutional? That’s OK. Democrats normally ignore the Constitution anyway.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Nothing but barbaric Communism is on the way, freedoms gone with the wind.