House Dems will vote to make D.C. a state in violation of the Constitution


The far-left House Democrats will vote to make Washington D.C. a state next week. They obviously want it to influence elections. D.C. is a far-left Democrat city and this would give them two more Senate seats.

What Democrats don’t care about is the fact that it is unconstitutional.

The Constitution prescribes a federal city, and the 23rd amendment gives D.C. 3 presidential electors. Statehood for D.C. requires a Constitutional amendment, not a simple bill.

NPR reported, “Next Friday’s vote, if successful, would pass a D.C. statehood bill for the first time in the House, but the legislation faces insurmountable opposition in the GOP-controlled Senate. It comes even as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced delays in the consideration of most other legislation. More than enough lawmakers are officially backing the bill for it to pass. In 1993, the Democratic-controlled Congress defeated a D.C. statehood bill by an almost 2-1 margin.”

NPR repeated the lies about Lafayette Park, the alleged gassing, the moving of ‘peaceful protesters’ for a presidential photo-op. Then they claimed that is why they want statehood for D.C.

“We both agreed this was an appropriate time to bring a bill forward to show respect for the citizens of the District of Columbia,” said Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

“There shouldn’t be troops from other states in Washington, D.C.,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser. “There shouldn’t be federal forces advancing against Americans, and they’re very definitely shouldn’t be soldiers stationed around our city waiting for the go-to attack Americans in a local policing matter.”

They’re so honorable but couldn’t care less about violating the constitution, which they must know they are doing.

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3 years ago

Why do we need to fund NPR if they don’t even know this bill means nothing?

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Constitution means nothing to them, brute force and lying are their tactics

3 years ago

And the only thing that will stop them is lead covered in copper. Historically speaking that is…