Mayor Jenny’s ‘summer of love,’ 1 man murdered, another clinging to life in CHOP


One man, aged 19 years, was shot to death and another is in critical condition or deceased, it’s unclear. They died at Harborview Medical Center where they were taken after being shot. They were shot in the land of CHOP/CHAZ, an autonomous zone occupied by far-left groups including Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and similar communist and cop-hating organizations.

The autonomous zone pledged to hold the six-block area they took over until the cops are defunded.

There is no description of the shooter.

There are few cops in the area and there are reports of rapes, assaults, gun-toting bullies, and now we have a murder.

Police say they attempted to respond but were met by a “violent crowd.” CHOP ‘medics’ took the men to the hospital.

Mayor Jenny Durkan forced police to abandon their precinct and won’t allow them to do their jobs and clear out the maniacs in CHAZ/CHOP. The media is portraying it in a positive light. These are their peeps.

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Robert Howard
Robert Howard
3 years ago

Mayor Jenny has blood on her hands for allowing these enemy combatants safe haven. She should be tried for war crimes just like these Antifa members and then summarily executed.