House impeachment managers file their bizarre case


The House impeachment managers filed their unconstitutional impeachment brief for the unconstitutional trial in the Senate on Tuesday.

“In a grievous betrayal of his Oath of Office, President Trump incited a violent mob to attack the United States Capitol during the Joint Session, thus impeding Congress’s confirmation of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. as the winner of the presidential election,” the impeachment managers, led by Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., wrote.  “As it stormed the Capitol, the mob yelled out ‘President Trump Sent Us,’ ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ and ‘Traitor Traitor Traitor.’

The former president must have incited the mob when he told them to march “peacefully and patriotically.” According to Dems, it’s some kind of dog-whistle or something.

They add: “This is not a case where elections alone are a sufficient safeguard against future abuse; it is the electoral process itself that President Trump attacked and that must be protected from him and anyone else who would seek to mimic his behavior.”

Actually, it’s Democrats doing that. They want to abolish the Electoral College, the Senate filibuster, the Bill of Rights, and they hate due process. In terms of this impeachment, they are weaponizing the impeachment process.

The brief said that the “facts are compelling and the evidence is overwhelming.”

Impeachment requires two-thirds of the Senate and they don’t have the numbers. However, they’re putting the President on trial anyway, hoping it will keep him from ever running for office again. It’s unAmerican.

Ken Starr, former Clinton prosecutor explains why this impeachment and trial are unconstitutional in the clip below.



House Trial Brief Final by Fox News

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