Trump attorney: ‘unconstitutional,’ ‘dangerous,’ ‘weaponization of impeachment’


Democrat David Schoen, an Orthodox Jewish civil rights attorney in Alabama, will defend Donald Trump at his impeachment trial, along with Pennsylvania attorney Bruce Castor. He appeared on ‘Hannity’ last night after days of assaults on both him and Mr. Castor.

Mr. Schoen said the impeachment trial is tearing the country apart and is very dangerous. He believes it is the “political weaponization of the impeachment process.”

The agenda is simply to bar Donald Trump from ever running for office again which is unAmerican and a slap in the face to the 75 million who voted for Donald Trump.

Mr. Schoen said we are on a dangerous road to destroying the 1st Amendment.

He explained that there are many constitutional arguments to make against this impeachment.

Schoen added that if Democrats call witnesses, he will call some of these biased senators who demanded a conviction without any defense presented.


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Unicorn Fewmets
Unicorn Fewmets
2 years ago

Tearing the country apart. Bingo. Got Fundamental Transformation?
The bestest and brightestest think that communism will just plug in presto change-o after almost 250 years and we’ll ride off into the sunset on the NYC to Hawaii bullet (thoughtcrime) train with AOC as the conductor with free foofy drinks for all.
Get ready for a Mad Max dystopian hell on earth and did you know that movie was set in 2021?