How About DeNiro Being Accused in Prostitution Ring of Underage Girls


Bobby De Niro, who still hasn’t apologized for ‘Meet the Fockers 2’, opened the Tony Awards with “F*** Trump and fist pumps, for which his audience gave him a standing O. Vulgar disrespect is welcomed by the left.

The good friend of Harvey Weinstein’s might want to think more carefully when he’s throwing stones since his past — or alleged past — could still catch up with him. But, then again, pedophiles are popular in Hollywood.

In addition to Weinstein, he is friends with accused rapist Bill Clinton and pedophile Roman Polanski. It seems there might be a good reason for those friendships.

In 1998, De Niro was accused of being a frequent flyer with a prostitution ring that trafficked in girls as young as 15 years. There were quite a few reports at the time making the same accusation although he has denied it.

Snopes, a far-left ‘fact-checker’, claims he was only interviewed about it but was innocent. Hmmm…. The police did interview him for more than nine hours and had sent half a dozen officers to apprehend him since he had checked out when the ringleaders were arrested.

DeNiro said he volunteered to speak with the officers and threatened to sue. The wealthy, powerful DeNiro was not charged.

According to court records from 1998, Independent journalist John Lichfield discovered that the prostitution agency routinely ensnared girls as young as 15, forcing them to have sex with Hollywood’s rich and powerful elite. Whether DeNiro engaged with underage girls is unknown but he was tied to the ring.

There was no official recognition that it was a child prostitution ring although the evidence was plentiful.

As Bizpacreview recalls, in September 2017, DeNiro begged world leaders at the United Nations to send money to the Caribbean island of Barbuda after he was hit hard by a hurricane. He happens to own a multi-million-dollar resort in Barbuda. He’s a grifter, the Review suggests.

The president really hit him hard with comic tweets.

h/t Jon Thompson

UPDATE 5/29/24

Harvey Weinstein’s friend, Robert De Niro, was just there as a witness?

Irish Times

One of the outlets reporting about De Niro’s arrest was the Irish Times.

The American actor, Robert De Niro, was arrested by the French vice squad at the Bristol Hotel in Paris yesterday and held for questioning in connection with an international prostitution ring.

Justice officials stressed that Mr de Niro is considered a potential witness at this point. He was detained on a warrant by Judge Frederic N’Guyen, who has been investigating the prostitution ring since October 1996. Police officers questioned Mr de Niro for several hours at his hotel just around the corner from the French Interior Ministry before taking him to Judge N’Guyen’s chambers at the Palais de Justice in the evening. He was released after nine hours.

The former Polish tennis champion Wojtek Fibak – a party friend of the 54-year-old star of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Godfather and The Deer-Hunter – has already been placed under investigation for sexual assault in the same case.

Mr de Niro is in Paris for the making of Ronin, an action film by the director John Frankenheimer, about an American with a murky past. He is scheduled to remain until the end of March. Police had attempted to question him last Friday, but found he had already left the Bristol Hotel for the weekend…


Politifact reported De Niro was not a central figure.

“In his November 1998 story, journalist John Lichfield said women from the agency that broke the law “entertained” De Niro and a few other prominent figures. Previously, in a story from February 1998, Lichfield wrote that De Niro had been questioned by French police in connection to the prostitution ring investigation.

Lichfield also reported that De Niro’s lawyer said he found the way his client was treated shocking and upsetting given “(De Niro’s) name came up only incidentally” in the investigation.

Lichfield was not the only source to report that De Niro had been questioned. The Irish Times’ Lara Marlowe also reported in February 1998 that De Niro was detained at the Bristol Hotel in Paris and questioned for about nine hours due to his connection with an international prostitution ring that had been under investigation since 1996.

Marlowe’s story said officials “stressed” De Niro was questioned as a potential witness, and Lichfield said the police were clear that De Niro was never arrested.

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