How Joe Biden Gets 81 Million Votes


In the video below, Dan Bongino talks about one of the ways Democrats win elections illicitly and get 81 million votes for someone who is visibly deranged. Bongino reviews an article by Jason Cohen at The Daily Caller in August. It is the reason that people should not support mail-in balloting. Republicans always lose in the mail-in ballots.

Bongino specifically addressed The Voter Registration Project, a “Democrat get out the vote machine.” In this scheme, they don’t really care if after you register you’re the one who voted under your registration as long as they can get a ballot out to you and that ballots returned.”

This is how the cheating starts. Then, after they’re done with all the cheating they stop people from talking about it. It’s a way to keep [it] going. That’s why they needed COVID.

[They’re ginning up the COVID scare again on network TV, so beware.]


Another article on the issue by Daily Caller:

The Sixteen Thirty Fund, the New Venture Fund, the Windward Fund, the Hopewell Fund, and the North Fund comprise a network of left-wing nonprofits managed by Arabella Advisors, a for-profit venture run by Eric Kessler, a veteran of the Clinton administration. The network, which includes several “dark money” groups that are not required to disclose their donors, poured more than $62 million into groups focused on registering, engaging and mobilizing voters during 2022, a midterm election year.

“The Arabella Advisors Network is not in the business of charity, and the tens of millions they have sent to ‘charitable’ get-out-the-vote and voter registration groups is just more proof that they aren’t either,” Parker Thayer, an Investigative Researcher at Capital Research Center, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Voter registration nonprofits are nothing more than a cost effective way to achieve partisan electioneering results for democrats while keeping the donors totally anonymous and giving them a tax write-off for their troubles.”

Read further for information on America Votes and Soros’s financial contribution.

Influence Watch describes it this way:

The Voter Registration Project, also known as Everybody Votes, is a voter mobilization group which targets African-American, Latino, Native American, low-income, and other voter groups likely to lean left-of-center. The organization claims to be non-partisan, but is run by individuals with long-standing connections to left-of-center non-profits, including the AFL-CIO labor union federation, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and the State Voices network of liberal state-level advocacy groups. 1 It also works to promote voting within blocs that tend to support the Democratic Party by giving grants to numerous left-of-center nonprofit groups.

Mail-in balloting is a disaster for free and fair elections. As long as we have it, our vote is in danger.

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Plato v2.0
Plato v2.0
18 days ago

We know how he got 81 million votes. The problem is you people in the media, who are only all too willing to report and squawk about anything and everything Trump, while lying and covering up everything the left does has done and currently is doing.
We KNOW IT’S TRUE! YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE. And yet you still don’t have the B ALLS to call it out! THE MEDIA IS THE PROBLEM! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

Trump Won
Trump Won
19 days ago

President Trump wants voter ID, an end to mail in ballots, and the return to voting on election day, eliminating early voting. But that might be too little, too late. It needs to be done immediately!

Plato v2.0
Plato v2.0
18 days ago
Reply to  Trump Won

And I’ll bet you voted for Bill Clinton who got the entire cheating in elections rolling full steam ahead with his part in the MOTOR VOTER registration scam!