Harris praises BLM for bringing awareness to ‘police violence’


In her first interview since accepting the Democratic vice-presidential nomination, Sen. Kamala Harris credited the Black Lives Matter movement for bringing awareness to police violence, ABC News reported. That is exactly what they said.

She is giving full credit to a violent Marxist movement that is trying to defund the police. This gives people like the rioters in Kenosha the go-ahead to riot some more.

“Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts asked Harris about her 2009 book “Smart on Crime,” which called for more police on the streets.

“Do you still feel that way?” Roberts said.

Harris evaded the question and, instead, spoke about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“When I wrote that book, we– Black Lives Matter did not exist,” Harris said. “And I give full credit to the brilliance of that movement in terms of what it has done to advance a conversation that needed to happen, a long time ago, but did not capture the ears or the hearts of the American people. What Black Lives Matter has done as a movement has been to be a counterforce against a very entrenched status quo around the criminal justice system in America.”


Harris’s record on crime-fighting is not good.

She also said a Biden-Harris administration would conduct “pattern and practice investigations” of police departments that have an alleged history of discriminatory practices. Harris also pledged that a Biden-Harris administration, if elected, would decriminalize marijuana and create a national database of police misconduct.

“It is time for that kind of change and enough is enough,” Harris said. “Enough is enough.”

Ironically, she is the one who put young black men in prison for long sentences over marijuana.

Do read about her agenda for America on this link. We live in a manufactured world brought to you by a dishonest media.

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