How Not to Win an Election


The media is calling elections. Why is that? The Board of Elections or some official government entity should call them. This is new over the last few elections. They should not have this power. That said, they called the Nevada Senate race for Cortez Masto a Biden rubber stamp. Republicans should have won that seat. Unfortunately, we can’t win as long as there is no-excuse mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and things like ranked-choice voting.

Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Republican Adam Laxalt for a key Senate seat.  The Senate Democrats now have 50 seats, Republicans have 49, and all Republican prayers should be with Herschel Walker.

Laxalt was ahead until post-election ballots came in, although the governorship went to a Republican. That’s unusual, but perhaps Democrats who might have voted for Republican Joe Lombardo for governor didn’t want to sacrifice the Senate.

Nevada allows ballot harvesting, which they now euphemistically call ballot collecting, and had tens of thousands of mail-in ballots. That’s a big problem for Republicans.

We don’t believe Republicans will win anything if unfettered mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting are allowed. Also, sending millions of ballots to voters should be banned. Republicans just can’t win like this. People vote way before the campaigns are done, and this year, most key Democrats debated long after the early voting started.

Also problematic are early voting and taking days to count ballots. Has a Republican ever won a race that took days to count? Maybe millions of Democrats are just lazy, or something else is going on.

Election Day is now Election Months. It’s meant to hurt Republicans, and it does. We will not win like this and every state is turning blue which means the entire country will become communist California.

This is true too:

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1 year ago

“Laxalt was ahead until post-election ballots came in”, let that sink in for a moment! The Republican Leaders need to be in court tomorrow with the help of Mike Lindell’s Information Army!