Neil Oliver: Does Britain Still Exist?


If you listen to Neil Oliver in the clip below, you will see that Great Britain is going through the same thing we are going through. The British government no longer represents the British people. The US government doesn’t either.

This is going on throughout the Western World. It’s happening in every European country and beyond. We’ve discussed what is going on in other articles. Google COP27 or World Economic Forum.

Oliver asks if Britain exists. You can ask if the USA exists as well. Are there enough Britains in the UK who believe in or care about Britain as it was? Are there enough Americans who believe in America, our Constitution, and our freedoms enough to fight for them?

Are we all being dismantled?

The illegal immigrants pouring in are erasing who we are. The oligarchs want you to believe it’s okay to have hundreds of cultures in each of our countries. The aliens are lured in by freebies offered to them while citizens struggle. Structures that are supposed to protect us from harm are harming us.

We are losing our past, present, and the future we planned for our children. The UK also has rampant crime.

The freedom, wealth, and improved health that we gained from the Industrial Revolution is to be punished or diminished, and we are all “to be made dependent on the state – that openly despises us and treats us with contempt.”

We’re turning into a corporate oligarchy.

Watch Mr. Oliver. He has a talent for making it all so clear:

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