NV’s Dem Gov & Dems will force through mail-in voting & ballot harvesting


The Reno Gazette Journal reports that lawmakers in the Nevada assembly advanced a divisive mail-in voting measure during the first day of Nevada’s 32nd special legislative session.

Friday’s battle over Assembly Bill 4, the elections bill, comes after a mostly mail-in June primary election that Democrats say included long lines.


AB 4 is ostensibly to shorten those lines, they plan to guarantee every active registered voter receives a mail-in ballot in November.

This is a transparent effort to steal the election with a corrupt form of voting that will bring back the stuffing of the ballot boxes.

It would also permit some of those voters, namely the elderly and those with physical disabilities, to request that someone else fill out and hand in their ballot, a practice Republicans repeatedly decried as illegal “ballot harvesting.”

This is how California Democrats stole 7 Republican seats in Orange County after Republicans won on election night.

They will steal the election. Democrats will steal the election. It’s under 100 days to the election and there is no time to stop these people. Expect other states to follow, especially swing states in the hands of Democrats.


Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has long planned a return to in-person voting after getting mixed reviews of the state’s first vote-by-mail election.

Nevada’s lone Republican statewide officeholder on Friday confirmed she intended to stick to that approach despite a statewide spike in virus cases, explaining she would need a budget bump of up to $5 million to pay for a second all-mail election.

But Democrats, seen as the primary beneficiary of mail-in elections, can override Cegavske under a controversial bill provision that lets the governor, not the state’s top election official, decide how polling places run in an emergency.

The measure passed out of the Democrat-led Assembly on a strict party-line vote after several hours of searing public testimony, much of which was repeated in a late-night Senate hearing that concluded without a binding vote on the measure.

This is what happens when Democrats are in charge. Ballots will keep showing up after the election until Democrats win it all.

At the same meeting, they talked about more prohibitive taxes on the mining industry. Democrats will destroy the USA and they will do it quickly. Republicans are invisible.



  1. Vegas is a very transient town. People come and go, move in and out. Anyone who has a Nevada driver license will have a ballot mailed to the address on it whether they still live there or not. Apartment complexes will have 100s of un-delivered ballots piled up in the manager’s office.

  2. Red alert America. The USA AG is that do nothing Barr. If the election is stolen, he will not act. He is not acting now to stop mail in voting. Barr is a trojan horse to defeat Trump. That’s his role. Barr (CIA, Ruby Ridge) holds the fate of the USA in his hands.

  3. It took 10 days to get a watch band delivered from the PO in Tulsa Oklahoma to California. 10 days. I ordered a ear buds from Costco. They were in the San Luis Obispo PO just 10 miles down the road. Never delivered. Costco sent a 2nd set. Same thing, Setting in the PO is SLO. I end up going to Best Buy.
    Obama make a big thing out of what he calls “voter suppression “. Yet the Democrats have spent the last 4 years seeking to overthrow a duly elected president based a a lie they created. Is that not voter suppression?

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