How Progressives Are Taking Over America State by State


NAL or New America Leaders (New American Leaders dot org) is a Progressive [communist] organization that trains immigrants [including illegals], refugees, and their allies to run for and hold elected office. Training also includes teaching them to engage in civic action to bring their voices to the forefront of American politics.

In their mission statement, they write: “We uplift New Americans — anyone who identifies closely with the immigrant experience — by tackling equity in representation.”

It’s an open border, pro-radical abortion, anti-voter-security, welfare-supporting organization meant to completely change this country forever.

They claim they exist to further ‘inclusivity’, a buzzword used by the communist movement in this country.

Some of their successes are:
  • Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas NY State Assembly, progressive, open borders,
  • Rep. Dotie Joseph FL, progressive,
  • Rep Bee Nguyen GA, Councilwoman Varisha Khan WA, progressive,
  • Yelena Aguilar AZ school board, who grew up an illegal alien, progressive,
  • Sam Shin WA pushes ‘diversity’,
  • State Rep. Stephanie Chang MI State House pushes all things Progressive,
  • Lan Dep San Jose City Council who pushes limiting ICE from doing their job,
  • Athena Salman AZ State House pushes freebies, criminal justice reform extremism, women’s rights, free tampons everywhere.

They all have two things in common. Each one is very far-left. Additionally, they want to change the face of this country, replacing Americans with foreigners and our constitution with a progressive constitution [communism].

Those who don’t run for office are taught how to scream, demand, rally, and impose their will.

The progressives are taking over the nation from the ground up as well as from the top down and always through the Democrat Party.

NAL trainees support open borders, extreme abortion, abandoning voter security, housing justice, a welfare state, and so on.

They call themselves ‘non-partisan’ but train far-left Democrats. On their sister funding site, NALAF, they state: “Endorsing diverse progressive candidates who believe every person and community should have a voice and representation in our government.

There appear to be some deep-pocketed leftists funding this and we will look into it. Under Biden, they are eligible for grants paid for by taxpayers underwriting their own demise.

This organization is using foreigners to change this country and overwhelm the citizens in numbers and trash American values.

What happens when our citizenship means nothing and our Constitution is wiped out by these communists?

Dark times ahead.


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1 year ago

I’m definitely not seeing Liberals with a chance in Hell in Red States. It’s getting to be that unless you’ve served in the Military and are very Conservative getting elected is getting much harder in a Red State. A lot of RINOs are being Primaried by Veterans. The RINOs are going for the Liberal Spending so they can say they brought the Bacon Home, while the Veterans are pointing out that you can’t afford the bacon because of RINOs and Democrats spending your money like Drunk Sailors. Like James Carville said, “It’s the economy stupid.” Carville is now Telling Democrats that Woke will destroy them. Carville has right far more then wrong. The Democrats have totally screwed up the economy and if a redo was held today, without Fraud, Trump would win by a historic landslide; at least 67%. People don’t care about Trump’s Mean Tweets when their wallets are empty.

The Global Coviet
The Global Coviet
1 year ago

They uplift replacements? I hope the lucre is worth it and they better hope that the replacements really like them and are not just deceiving them like the peaceful religion followers are instructed to do.
An eerie almost prophetic article from the first term of the Chicago Bathhouse Messiah (the one!) predicted all of this but Barry was too busy chooming by the people’s champagne fountain and making sure the military was purged of all Patriots to get it going back then.
The Global Coviet is the Fundamental Transformation and alarm siren klaxons should have went into overdrive when Soros “introduced” Obama back in 2005.