Sen Manchin Brags About Dems Big Win — Spending $6.6T So Far


Senator Joe Manchin brags about all Democrats have accomplished — spending $6.6 trillion. Manchin actually lists generational theft and spending us into inflation as wins? He has it all on a card that he carries around.

This is not a Babylon Bee article.

Responses from Twitterdom are so good that we don’t have to write this article:

We’re blowing money at the rate of a World War II every couple months or so. Don’t think I’d be bragging about this.

I’ll admit that between the 3.80 per gallon, the Afghanistan debacle, the working in tandem with the drug cartels in their joint human trafficking endeavor, the loss of my city to crime, I haven’t really given them enough credit for that Juneteenth national holiday. The apex.

I wonder if Joe keeps a copy of this card in his Maserati.

So in other ways spending trillions to allow ppl to sit at home on their dead butts, raising gas prices, raising food prices, opening up border to COVID drugs thugs and etc are all great accomplishments. No wonder they don’t talk about them. Biden is a failure – period!

Wow, where did they get all those trillions?

Which of these actually help the American people?

So he can spend. Go for him.

Funny how the Afghanistan Airlift success is not listed…

What the Dems have accomplished could be printed on the back of a postage stamp.

Yes the Democrats can spend money via generational theft but we already n Knew that.

How on earth is spending other people’s money in the way you deem appropriate an accomplishment? Joe should also take credit for the inflation all that spending has caused. Now, if the Dems had paid that money out of their own pockets….

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Pillowcase Of Bicycle Pedals
Pillowcase Of Bicycle Pedals
2 years ago

Comrade Manchin is a CPUSA/CCP fellow traveler hiding behind that “moderate” horsesh1t just like Xi Obiden.
We get to be the American Indians now as we are sold out by traitorgov and its Weather Underground Leaders.

2 years ago

Communist believe you can just print money at will and all will be fine. The world doesn’t work that way which is why Communism (and Mob Rule Democracy) will always fail. Fiat Money requires the Faith and Credibility of the issuing Government. A Communist Government has no credibility. Communism only survives by making Slaves of a population to produce goods and services for the Elite Oligarchy; up until the People Rebel. President Trump said America will never be a Communist Nation. Only because America has the best armed civilian population in the world and has the means to rebel with Malice is the only reason President Trump is right. The real question is, after the War, will be we bring ALL the traitors to justice? A lot of people have sold America out to the CCP and it’s now looking like Joe Manchin is one of them. There was a time when I thought Joe Manchin was a Patriot – No More!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Manchin frequently claims to be a fiscal conservative for the “folks back home” but like Squish Mitch mostly caves to the Marxist leaders of his Democrat Party. Let’s hope the good people of W. VA are on to his deceit and throw him out next year.