How the certification on January 6th will go down


The House and Senate will meet for a joint session Wednesday to certify the Electoral College results. The Electoral College met and voted on December 14th and voted for Joe Biden. The certification on Wednesday is the last step in finalizing the presidential win for Joe Biden.

The Trump 2020 Campaign has led dozens of lawsuits in the attempt to overturn the election’s results based on fraud. Biden allegedly beat President Trump by 306-232 Electoral College votes.

Trump has stated that the election was fraudulent, but his former attorney general Bill Barr said last month that the DOJ has not “seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has also refused to review two cases, and more than 50 lawsuits challenging the results have been thrown out in the lower courts. Not one has reviewed the evidence. The cases were dismissed on more technical issues, such as the judges’ claims that the lawsuits were brought too late.

Now, nearly a dozen GOP senators are asking for a 10-day emergency audit by an electoral commission to restore voters’ faith in the U.S. election process.  The effort is led by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). If the audit is not completed, the senators will object to the election results.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is objecting separate and apart from the Cruz contingent.

Rep. Mo Brooks has somewhere between 50 and 140 members of Congress who will object to results in states “whose election systems were untrustworthy.”


Both the Senate and the House of Representatives meet every Jan. 6 following a presidential election to certify the states’ votes at 1 p.m. in the House Chamber.

As president of the Senate, Vice President Mike Pence will open the results of each state’s vote alphabetically before handing them to two “tellers” from both the House and Senate to present the results.

Pence will ask if there are any objections to the results of every state. As long as one representative and one senator sign a written objection, both Chambers will debate separately for two hours. Every member gets to speak once and only for five minutes.

Both chambers then vote on the objection. To be successful, a simple majority must vote to uphold the objection. If the majority is not met, then the objection is disposed, and the state’s vote is counted.


The Democrats hold the House majority, and that’s where a successful effort probably ends.

In the Senate, a dozen senators would have to turn into 51 senators to win.

The two-hour debates would have to be extremely powerful with shocking new evidence to win that much support. An enormous groundswell of protesters would also be needed in the Capital.

There is little doubt there was fraudulent voting but no court has examined the evidence. We, therefore, don’t know how much fraudulent voting there was. Senator Toomey (RINO-PA) said that the decline in suburban support explains President Trump’s loss. That could be true, but he bases his claims on wildly inaccurate polls. He is also ignoring the fact that the Biden lead came in very limited areas.

As for Democrats and some left-wing Republicans’ ravings that this process is undermining democracy, they are merely pontificating politically and dishonestly. It’s a legitimate process under the law, and it’s one the Democrats have used for decades, beginning in 1969, and used more recently by them in 2000, 2004, and 2016.

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3 years ago

The LYING Democrat Party, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, the BIASED BIG TECH platforms, the SUPER RICH GLOBALIST ASSES OF THE WORLD, a corruptible, easily hacked, intentionally flawed Dominion voting system and various other despicable pieces of dog squeeze have disenfranchised the majority of legal US voters in determining who will run this country.

This will be recorded in honest history records as the most egregious US election fraud since the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

3 years ago

Beware traitors! Hundreds of thousands of Patriots are converging now on your District of Corruption And they intend to do whatever is necessary to see that you thrown this fraudulent election out and allow the House of Representatives to determine who fills the Presidency of this nation. They will NOT allow you to turn this great nation over to the ChiCom agents Biden and Harris. That Is NOT going to happen. Traitors, beware, flee the Capital, hide in your nests, the Patriots will not allow you to pass!