To get rid of Sen Feinstein, Biden will give her husband an ambassadorship


The same people who want a senile hack to serve as president want Dianne Feinstein out, allegedly, because she is forgetful. According to the reports, she agrees to leave the Senate, Biden will give her husband, Richard Blum, an ambassadorship.

Since he and Dianne are in bed with China, he should probably be ambassador to China, but allegedly, he wants France.

The hard-left in California doesn’t see Feinstein as hard-left enough and have wanted her out for a while.

The California Globe states: Under pressure from Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Feinstein recently relinquished her leadership on the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is a role that she relished, but it led to intense criticism from all sides when Feinstein maladroitly procrastinated after Christine Blasey Ford alleged to her that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had assaulted her at a high school party.

That’s key. Democrats wanted her to trash Justice Kavanaugh. When Feinstein hugged Lindsey Graham at the end of the hearing and complimented her, an enormous gasp was heard from the fake news media.

The article also makes a note of her Chinese spy aide of 20 years. Suddenly they care?




  1. Could we find some way to get rid of Seed the Vote and comrade kommissar Zuckerborg?
    Biden will find out who seeks to get rid of him via the 25th amendment.
    The CCP will decide who is useful and who is past the use by date.

    O/T-Fam is watching some “minimalism” crap on teevee. Only a profoundly sick society of overabundance would whine about having too much, almost as funny as people prattling on about racism and oppression as they burn everything down.
    There was a sign by the road that said shoulder work and I thought there should be a doctor operating on shoulders right there.

  2. Demands should be made that Feinstein and her hubby have no access to any classified information.

    There is no doubt in my mind that either of them would hesitate in passing such information to the CCP.

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