How They Stole the Country



How They Stole the Country

by Joe Archer

Contrary to what is probably assumed, this article isn’t about the stolen election. The stolen election is just a consequence of previous actions that made getting away with blatant fraud possible. It is these previous actions that I ask the reader to consider.

100 years ago, banks were just one of many businesses. They offered safekeeping of people’s assets and then used those saved assets to make money through loans. But then they hatched a diabolical plan. They invested in political candidates who would vote to give the four biggest banks the keys to the treasury.

They then concocted the illusion that the need for an ever-increasing money supply must be achieved through government borrowing and that such borrowing must have associated with it the concept of interest. Whereas before the Federal Reserve (FR), the availability of money was governed by the rate that money was printed, with no associated need to pay interest on that money, it was now called government debt requiring the government to pay the FR ‘interest’ on that debt.

Because of this arrangement, candidates who advocated government deficit spending, called democrats, were financially assisted into office and untracked interest payments to the FR grew annually. These payments were then used to buy up industry and academia, and everything else that could be bought. Eventually, these bankers owned not only the entire economy but also the entire government.

So when the electorate sought to reelect President Trump, ballot observers were blocked and 15 million extra ballots were inserted. And even though the fraud was blatant and irrefutable, no one saw anything. In fact, the only reason we know this is because of private citizen investigations as our government judicial system refused to lift a finger, other than to obstruct justice. And why are these bankers able to do this? Because they were paid tens of trillions of dollars in interest payments on the ‘national debt’ over the last century so that they own everything and everyone. This is why the entire system is in lockstep opposition to the 55% of the populace not yet brainwashed by their ownership of government-funded education.

You would think in a populace split down the ideological middle, there would be some division expressed in the media, big banks, big corporations, et al. But no. You can literally count on one hand the number of elected officials and corporations who will even admit the possibility of fraud, much less express any interest in vetting such claims.

And therein lies the proof. There is no way there can be this great of a disconnect between our ‘leaders’ and the citizenry. Either corporations and government are organic entities of citizen shareholders and voters or they are owned by a single party and the absolute uniformity of lockstep groupthink reveals the answer.

If the remaining free-thinking people of society do not ask why the entire government is in direct opposition to the governed, then the battle is lost. This article claims the first question to ask is “Where did all the money paid in interest on the national debt go as it clearly did not go to any financial obligations on the bonds printed by the FR?”.

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