HRH Biden Mocked and Mimicked Reporters Who Tried to Ask Questions


The clip below is one of the more humorous Biden clips I’ve seen. His Royal Highness Joe Biden sat like a potentate, smirking and mocking, while reporters fired questions at him. He mimicked them! The NY Post said the reporters were shocked.

Shocked? Why? Where have they been, and what questions does he answer? The media needs to stop covering for him and go back to being watchdogs instead of activists.

Biden was sitting down in the Oval Office with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Can you imagine what the Israeli President thought?

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The Post compared this to Trump’s chiding the reporters. There is a difference. Reporters were abusive to Donald Trump, but he answered all their questions. We now have a president who is seriously damaging the country and won’t answer any.

It’s one thing to be dumb, but to be dumb and arrogant is very unappealing.



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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
5 months ago

The installed adult-child trying to manage children. laughable stuff. lol

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

Biden is awful but in this case the screaming childish leftist media people deserved the minor amount of ridicule I see in this video. Listen to the misfits chatter like the kids in a school playground. They are disorderly and unprofessional, as they bark out hyped questions. Trump would have controlled them and taken questions. Biden is not capable of that.

5 months ago

Traitor Joe is completely losing it! He will be jettisoned soon!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

Sadly an older person who had been a very successful business man became senile. As a pastor I visited him, until his death, in a care facility near my home.
On one visit he was in a beautiful lounge room. A very cute candy striper was dancing with him to a child’s song.
His words and actions reminded me of a preschool play group. Another time he was throwing a tantrum, just like HRH Joe.

It’s time to get Joe out of the “kindergarten” and into a care facility. Just don’t let him near a cute candy stripers.

Don’t worry the Democrats could replace him with Fedderman.